RSCO Feature: Cyber Security Club

Bella Lee, Staff writer

Cyber Security is one of the biggest majors offered here at Mercyhurst. A similar major or minor includes Data Science, students in this major are sure to find a variety of careers once they graduate. One of the RSCOs that exist to help students in this major or interested in this field is the Cyber Security Club.
“The main goals of the Cyber Security Club is to focus on members sharing their knowledge with others,” said Christopher Hess, junior Cyber Security and Intelligence Studies double major who serves as President of the club. “Cyber Security is constantly changing with new tools, vulnerabilities, and standards. As our technology advances, we must learn to adapt and respond. By enabling my peers to share their knowledge, we further learn in ways our professors may not think of.”
The Cyber Security Club has already done a lot this semester and has a lot more planned for the rest of the semester.
“This semester, we have done a social and speaking event based on Cyber Security response in the real world,” said Hess. “In addition, we are preparing for Capture the Flag competitions for the rest of the semester. Capture the Flag is a unique way for Cyber Security to compete to find various flags, which can be based on knowledge or compromising vulnerable machines in a closed environment. Next month, we will participate in the National Cyber League sponsored by Cyber Skyline.”
While the Cyber Security Club hasn’t been around for long, Hess is immensely proud of how much it has grown since its inception.
“The Cyber Security Club is important to me for several reasons,” he said. “First, as one of the founding members, I have seen this club grow from the ten minimum required members to a roster of 60 plus named members. This club has rapidly expanded to become a social group for Cyber Security to be discussed outside the classroom in a way that people want to be there. Secondly, this club has shown me and others how to spread our knowledge of Cyber Security; when people disseminate their expertise in our club, it is not because they are forced to for a classroom assignment but because they want to, whether it’s for competition or it is their interest.”
Nearly all majors and minors on Mercyhurst’s campus have a club to call home, and it’s amazing that Cyber Security Club is growing as quickly as it has been.
The Cyber Security program at Mercyhurst is nationally renowned, and the club is certainly doing a lot to keep it alive! You do not have to be a major or minor to join. If this sounds interesting then feel free to stop by a meeting.