Celebrate Parkhurst dining staff next week


Samantha Weber, Editor in Chief

There is no doubt that the Parkhurst Dining staff has a tough job on their hands here at MU.
People give them such a hard time even though they are always doing the best they can, but working in the food service industry is no easy job.
There are various events throughout the year that Parkhurst puts on to show their appreciation for their staff, but this upcoming week is a full week where students and staff can recognize the hard work that the Parkhurst staff puts into their jobs every day.
From April 24-27, the MU community is encouraged to join Parkhurst in dressing up for the spirit-filled week.
April 24, people are encouraged to wear tie-dye to match the Parkhurst staff.
On April 25, it is twinning Tuesday, so find a buddy and dress up with them.
April 26 is sports day so wear a jersey or shirt that represents your favorite team and represent your hometown.
The final day is April 27 and this is the Color Wars Day. Employees of each dining location will be wearing a different color and they want the MU community to wear the color of their favorite sport to eat on campus.
The Roost and Roost Express will be wearing red, the Grotto Commons will be wearing blue, the 501 Grille will be wearing green and the Anchor Express and the Bookstore Coffee Bar will be wearing purple.
This is a fun little competition for the Parkhurst employees to see which dining facility is the favorite. All the dining halls are important and crucial to the campus running smoothly, but this is just a fun little competition.
Parkhurst is known for throwing special events in the dining facilities throughout the year.
There was a chili day, a super bowl tailgate and even a chicken day in the Grotto Commons and 501 Grille.
The bookstore coffee bar and the Roost all have different weekly specials to appeal to everyone’s preferred tastes.
The Anchor Express often runs specials where you get entered in a giveaway to win a special prize.
The Roost also offers trivia and karaoke nights every other week to provide students the opportunity to have a fun and relaxing environment while they eat and they can win really cool prizes during trivia!
The Parkhurst staff does a lot to ensure that the students and employees here at Mercyhurst have good food to eat every day.
Please use this opportunity as a way to thank them for all their hard work that often goes unnoticed.