Medical advances inspire

I recently read an article by Rita Rubin about a young teen, Victoria Chakwin from West Virginia, who was in need of a lung transplant and received one just in time to attend her high school senior prom. She suffered from pulmonary fibrosis, which according to Mayo Clinic, is the “formation and development of excess fibrous connective tissue, or scarring, of the lungs” and affects approximately 128,000 Americans. Her own lungs were shrinking, and her condition was worsening.

Miraculously, Chakwin was given another set of healthy lungs by an unknown donor.

While reading this story, it made me realize just how advanced we are becoming as a society. During the time before her transplant, Chakwin was kept alive by an extracorporeal membrane oxygenation machine.

Patients like Chakwin with pulmonary fibrosis are expected to live only about three to five years after being diagnosed. However, with modern devices and technology, more and more people are given a second chance at life.

As someone who is fascinated by medicine and ingenuity, I found this medical success story to be inspiring. New inventions are being developed each day, and while some may simply allow us to stay warm while reaching for the TV remote or chop vegetables in record breaking time, others are much more revolutionary and save lives all over the world.

It is the entrepreneurship of this world that leads us to these amazing progressions. They allow people to get out of the hospital and back to living their lives, and in Chakwin’s case, on the dance floor. If you have that “light-bulb” moment and ever think, “someone should invent that,” don’t wait for that someone else, do it yourself.

No matter how crazy you may think your idea is—it could end up being a massive innovation to any industry or even save lives.