Homecoming weekend events poorly communicated

I am all for this new, ‘school spirit’ initiative being headed by MSG and SAC, but when events are poorly communicated or all over the place as to time or location, what is the point?
I was impressed by the Upperclassmen barbeque at the beginning of the year and really enjoyed it, so I thought that the Clash of the Classes would be similarly enjoyable.
As a senior, even with my busy schedule, I felt like I should attend these homecoming events and support my university with my own school spirit.

At first, I was confused as to where the barbeque was happening. “The Weekender” stated that the barbeque would be at the Briggs and Lewis (only it was spelled “Louis”) pavilion, but the flyers and Facebook event indicated the event was to be held in Garvey Park.

I was hanging around the Student Union at the time, so decided to stick around. I asked someone from MSG who was getting stuff ready, and they told me it was moving to the Briggs/Lewis pavilion for a rain plan failsafe.

I decided to go back and drop off my stuff at my apartment before heading to the pavilion, but no one was there and it was past 6:00 already.
I went back to my apartment, a little bit disenchanted, and looked at the event on Facebook, which said the barbeque was moved to the pavilion, then moved back to Garvey.
Despite my frustration, I went, but the food wasn’t ready and took a while, and nothing seemed prepared at all, so a couple of my friends and I decided to meet up at the Cornerstone at 8:00 instead.

I figured it had just been a fluke, so decided to go to family bingo on Friday night, and hopefully meet up with some friends I knew would be there.

Of course, it just so happened that I showed up an hour late, apparently because the information in “The Weekender” was inaccurate again, listing 9:00 as the start time.
And I wasn’t the only one. Another student walked in right before me, expecting the event to be just beginning, and asked me about it.

Saturday, I decided just to avoid any more homecoming activities due to my annoyance at MSG, SAC, and the new Campus Involvement Center.

I am not sure if all of these miscommunications are due to the changes made to the Campus Involvement Center, but regardless, this doesn’t indicate that any of these changes are effective at all. “The Tuesday Afternoon” was more reliable and definitely more timely.

By the time students receive the email on Thursdays now, their plans for the weekend have been made. “The Weekender” also eliminates other events throughout the week that were there in the “The Tuesday Afternoon.”

I really hope that all of these problems are worked out in the end, but as of right now, my life is too busy to bother with events that aren’t going to be communicated accurately.