Universities deny titles to students

Students are falling behind in paying their student loans to the government. This is causing institutions to withhold their transcripts, making it harder for them to get a job. Today it is really hard to obtain a job in any field. Even students with an outstanding profile have difficulty finding their dream job.

How can we demonstrate that we meet the standards employers are looking for if we do not have a title?
Unemployment rates rise and this impacts recent grads when they graduate. According to USA Today, unemployment rates increased in 28 states and the District of Columbia in July.
Unofortunately, this translates into less job opportunities for all of those who are graduating. This alarming trend is encouraging many current students deliberately prolong their time in college.

This is not only preventing them from getting a job, but from admission to a graduate school. Institutions, like employers, want good candidates to be part of their graduate programs.
A title is the proof that we have completed our credits in school successfully, but not having it means that something is wrong.Employers want to hire people that have the skills required for the position and one of the considerations might be to be clear of debt.

According to the LA Times, colleges keep students’ official transcripts as a punishment for falling behind in the payment of their loans. The federal government supports this action. Law does not mandate it, but it is encouraged so students pay their debt. Although, students are in debt there should be a way of letting them have their transcripts with a promise to pay. That promise might be to pay a fine if they do not pay the debt within a specified time period.

This should not stop employers from bringing good candidates to the table; therefore, students should be encouraged to pay their debts on time to obtain good job opportunities.
Also, It would not be fair for them to lose the opportunity of expanding their knowledge in a graduate program just because they do not have their transcripts. This might serve as an incentive for students to pay their debt.

In a world where opportunities are in demand, and jobs are harder to find, students should be up to date with their student loans. This way it does not become a factor that would restrict them from getting once in a lifetime opportunities.