Mall shooting in Kenya

Every day, most Americans live in a secure environment, having to not live in fear. However, we sometimes forget that there are people that live daily hiding in their homes and near territories of terrorists.

The attack on a mall in Kenya by terrorists connected with Al Qaeda reminds Americans that fear still lurks in other parts of the globe. In addition, it also reminds us that there the battle on terrorism is far from over.I was shocked to see the updated information of the attack on the mall. I learned the terrorists owned a store at the mall to keep their weapons. Sure, let’s just accept anybody that’s willing to purchase an unused space in the building. That was mistake number one. Mistake number two was that it’s a mall. It’s huge! Perhaps they could have come up with a more peaceful solution.

I do feel upset of the people that were killed and injured during the attack. They were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. However, I am bit disappointed at the government of Kenya. The government did not follow a plea from the terrorist group. As a result of their mistakes, around 60 people have died both citizens and tourists.The Kenya mall attack served as a reminder that there are terrorist groups in the world besides Al Qaeda and the Taliban. These groups want to inflict fear in the world. In that respect, terrorism may live on in years to come.