Old Main decorations raise mixed responses

Recently, Old Main changed its decorations with new and innovative exhibits. The new decorations are part of the annual art show that takes place in Mercyhurst University.

One of the exhibits that has appealed more to the students is one with hanging old dresses and a piano. The exhibit includes paintings and flowers used as enhancement. Spotlights were also located appointing the dresses.

Students might also have a negative opinion on what is considered as art, because it can also have a “creepy” look. The old dresses hanging might give the impression they are ghosts floating. The portraits give the impression they were the women who used to wear those dresses and that while everyone’s gone from the building they might roam in the building’s hallways.

Other particular decorations are the ones hanging from the ceiling. One of them is made up of colorful plastic containers lids. It looks beautiful and different. It is a demonstration of contemporary art.

The decorations appear to be contemporary and strange. There are ones hanging from doors that have styrofoam floats knitted together. They give color and a different look to Old Main. They might also attract people’s attention, but not in a positive way. They have a strange look, but at least it brings colors to the building.

There are other colorful paintings that have and abstract look. One of them is of little squares of different colors with white skulls faded in white paint. They are different and also may be considered to be contemporary art.

Another piece of art that calls the attention of students is a huge colorful plate hanging from the wall. It has an interesting mix of colors. The fact that it is far from a common type of art called even more my attention.

The new exhibits in Old Main have brought the building a new twist from old and dark to colorful and abstract. It feels like walking into a museum of innovative art and paintings. Next time you pass along Old Main’s hallway stop and take a closer look to some of the paintings that bring a new look to the building.