Comm and Graphic Design renovations were much needed

The Communication and Graphic design departments, which are located at the lower level of hirt, will be renovated over the summer. One of the changes will be the lobby area of hirt, which will be accommodated into a space where students will be able to study and work on their projects.

The Laker TV Studio will also be renovated into what is going to be called the Center for Media Convergence. The Merciad office will be moved next to the studio. This way both can collaborate in the stories they broadcast and publish.

The new look will allow students to feel comfortable in a space where they can work and study.
For graphic design students, the renovations to the lab will be beneficial. They will be able to work on their projects even when there is a class going on.

It was about time for the Communication and Graphic Design department to have a more professional space. The new colors will motivate the students to spend more time in a space that is bound to be used. Currently, the facilities are not suitable for a space to get together with your groups to work or even study individually.

The lounge look to the lower level of hirt will now allow students to have their own space.
As a communication major, I think this will benefit the department greatly. Perhaps more people will be motivated to come to Mercyhurst to pursuit their degree in communication.
The brand new and digital equipment for the Laker TV Studio is helpful for those students that are interest in going into the Television industry. They will learn how to use the new technology that Television companies use today.

Communication and Political Science double major, Dalma Bordon said, “Students from the communication department and others are looking forward to hang out and study in the media convergence space. As a communication major I was waiting for a space where I could hang out with fellow students and engage in activities related to the field. I’m looking forward to see how it turns out.”

It is also beneficial that the Merciad and Laker TV will now collaborate with each other. This will help improve the quality of the news that is being announced to the school.
Communication and Graphic Design students will be anxiously waiting for the new renovation in the upcoming year. It is their job as well to preserve and take care of the new facilities that will be provided to them.