Student produces MU theme song

In September, student Alan Abramek produced Mercyhurst’s theme song entitled “It’s Gonna Be A Good Day.” Abramek is currently a junior communications major from Poland.
Along with several other music students, he made this piece possible. The end product is a mix of pop and rap that reflects Abramek’s view of our school.
He “love[s] it here,” because of the campus, “the students, the talent, the work ethic [and] the energy.”
Alan claims “it’s not very often on a college campus that we can bring students together to produce a professional quality music video that speaks to how we feel about being here.”
He gathered a group of at least six Mercyhurst students and three non-Mercyhurst contributors, and then had them all perform the piece.
He then mixed the instruments and vocals together on his computer to create the final product.
The song itself is the length of any song heard on the radio, and does not sound like it was written for a university.
This makes it unique as it adds a level of interest that it would not have if it directly mentioned Mercyhurst.
This way students and adults from other colleges, as well as families of our students can appreciate it.
Some people question what the purpose of a theme song is for a university.
All colleges already have an alma mater. Mercyhurst’s alma mater is more traditional, and a majority of students do not know the words to their school’s alma mater.
The only reason many people can recognize theirs is because their school is mentioned. Our theme song is much more likely to be remembered and appreciated than our alma mater.
Also, considering Mercy-hurst is an artsy school, it could not hurt to have a theme song to reflect that, and the attitudes present on campus.