Cuts handled poorly at Mercyhurst University

After the Nov. 20 elimination of 14 positions among the support and administrative staff at Mercyhurst University, there has been discussion of more cuts at the University.
This time the cuts may include the athletics and academic departments. In any case, I hope that whatever cuts happen, whether they include the elimination of personnel or not, they are handled more effectively than the cuts on Nov. 20.
The cuts on Nov. 20 came with a stack of stories of how poorly they were managed. Employees were informed that day they were going to be eliminated. There has been little-to-no notification of the student body as to why these particular individuals (most of whom had at least 15 years of experience at the university) were chosen to be eliminated.
Their colleagues were also poorly notified as to why they were chosen.
There are budget concerns, I’ve been told. I understand that. However, the budget has been an area of concern for three years and enrollment has been dropping for the past two years, according to faculty members.
Why the sudden shift from growth into contraction? If the university enrollment has been decreasing, why has the university kept expanding? Why was there not a more gradual decrease?
And the question still remains why these particular employees were chosen for elimination.
The employees with whom I have spoken and their colleagues are still unsure. This makes it seem as if names were just chosen out of a hat.
People are rightfully angry about it. An alum who has been connected with the university for almost 40 years has severed his ties with us.
This is a cause for concern. Vital personnel on campus were released from their positions on campus.
There is the temptation among management to see the positions as just “positions,” hypothetical employees and plaques on the walls. However, people occupied those positions. People who deserved better than to be fired before Thanksgiving and with no notice.
If the cuts had to be made, then they should have been made with more warning.
There’s a better way to do this than to give them a kick out the door. I hope the administration remembers that.
If you’re going to talk about being compassionate, then start putting your money where your mouth is.