Theft around 'Mercy World' causes concern

This past weekend, a good friend of mine had his coat stolen from a party. In complete shock in disbelief, he is now walking through the bitter cold of Erie in just a fleece. When referring back to the situation, he has repeatedly said, “I can’t believe someone would steal a coat.” Time after time, I have agreed with this idea. Who would steal? We know everyone at this school and at the parties we attend. We live in a place referred to as “Mercy World” and apparently everyone else can see that but us.

My friend’s unfortunate situation has got me thinking. In the past two years, either the crime rate has gone up on campus, or I am just paying closer attention to apartments, cars and houses getting broken into. I laughed at my mom when she told me that I need to take all of my CDs out of my car when I am parked because that is what young kids will go for when trying to do a quick theft.

My roommates and I laugh about how everyone leaves their bags, coats, cell phones and other belongings unattended and unprotected at the gym … because we are all too trusting.

A friend from LECOM always makes fun of us and how we are on a completely different planet at Mercyhurst and, until recently, I have found that insulting. I think we are a nice, cozy and friendly environment where we see each other as neighbors and friends and not as strangers.

Perhaps my naïve nature is one that many people share. While there isn’t horrible crime going on at Mercyhurst, letting our guards down and becoming oblivious to our surroundings is harmful. That we do, in fact, live in the real world and not “Mercy World” is a wake-up call we all could use.

Be smart. Take care of what is yours and look out for your friends’ belongings as well.

Stealing is not right, and even though I just spoke about being naïve, I think it is shocking and upsetting that someone at this school would steal from one of his or her classmates – especially a winter jacket, it’s freezing.

However, if you took it — it’s a red and black NIKE winter jacket -please do the right thing and return it. There is one cold, cold boy wandering around campus looking for it.